AT BGSC, tennis is a passion. Our Director of Tennis, a top flight junior tennis academy coach, has specialized in the development of outstanding junior tennis players. Our coaches follow a program of skill improvement, stroke development, court awareness, and a focus on both mental and physical stamina. Our courts are world class, both hard surface and clay. Each player works on an individualized program, working hard on all areas while allowing for focus in parts of the game needing the most work.

BGSC tennis athletes learn by doing, not by watching. They are challenged and supported; by being allowed to make mistakes, and then correcting them, kids learn to succeed by failing first. Ultimately, the BGSC system puts the interest of kids first, and gives each athlete the opportunity to become the best tennis player they can be – every day.

The BGSC philosophy is that each athletes deserves the best program for him or her, and as such we group our athletes by both age and ability. No athlete is embarrassed, and no athlete is unchallenged. Every athlete gets the most out of every session, therefore developing in the most successful manner possible.