AT BGSC, both our soccer athletes and coaches come from all over the globe. Dedicated to achieving excellence in “the beautiful game,” our coaches as one love the sport of soccer and are passionate about sharing their passion and knowledge with BGSC athletes. Soccer training is both focused and fun, and allows athletes to improve in all areas of the game. Coaches work on shooting, passing, defense, game awareness, field leadership, and – for those who like to use their hands – goalkeeping. A program combining drills, games, contests, and small-sided matches works to bring out the best in each athlete – guaranteed.

Soccer players not only get hours of dedicated soccer training, but also develop footwork skills by competing in other sports during our discovery time. The cross train method has been widely lauded in the soccer world as a key support element in creating the total soccer player.

The BGSC philosophy is that each athletes deserves the best program for him or her, and as such we group our athletes by both age and ability. No athlete is embarrassed, and no athlete is unchallenged. Every athlete gets the most out of every session, therefore developing in the most successful manner possible.