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The Bishops Gate difference: Our Program.

At BGSC, we take tremendous pride in our unique program, which combines the intensity and high quality of a four day single sport camp with the fun, broad participation and camaraderie of a lengthy residential experience.

For most families who desire a focused experience which delivers skill development and notable improvement in a desired sport, the only viable option is to choose a camp which offers one sport (tennis, basketball, soccer), and usually has a duration of four to five days. Such an experience will offer up to 25 hours of instruction – and not much else. At BGSC, we provide the same opportunity – but we combine it with much more.

At BGSC, many of our athletes will for stay multiple weeks, but every week at camp is truly a week – seven days. Over the course of each week, an athlete, who will choose his or her own schedule, can enjoy up to 25 hours of instruction and development in a single major sport – and even have the opportunity to add to that number during extra blocks. But in addition to that high level training, out athletes enjoy time for other sports, swimming, theme park trips, evening activities, and our “Awesome 90,” an early afternoon break which offers up to 15 different activities, such as art, music, ESL, academic tutoring, ping pong tournaments, games, strength training, and much more.

There is also time for team bonding, whereby each housing unit, or team, enjoys some downtime with their counselor for simple friendship, relaxation, and small group activities.

This combination – of intense single sport training with the highest level of coaching and a total experience of fun and a wide variety of activities – provides a truly unique experience which appeals to young people across the spectrum of athletic interest, age, and nationality. At BGSC, each athlete gets an individualized program designed for his or her personal goals, but all athletes get the time of their lives!

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