Unlike other sports camps, at BGSC our golf is not “outsourced.” We have our own golf course, maintained at the highest level of quality: it is a 9-hole course, but uses double tees and double greens to offer a USGA rated 18-hole experience. Our course, range and green facilities are so renowned that college teams from all across the country, as well as the Danish, German and Scottish National teams, come to the BGSC campus in the winter and spring to train.
Our coaches are all experienced at the junior academy level, and as such have worked with hundreds of younger golfers. The coaches know exactly what each player needs in terms of stroke development, and are able to focus on the development of each athlete with a program that best suits his or her needs. With unlimited access to a top course, range, chipping and putting greens, every golfer has the opportunity to vastly improve in all aspects of the game.

The BGSC philosophy is that each athletes deserves the best program for him or her, and as such we group our athletes by both age and ability. No athlete is embarrassed, and no athlete is unchallenged. Every athlete gets the most out of every session, therefore developing in the most successful manner possible.