Bishops Gate English Experience

The Bishops Gate English Experience is a unique program, created to serve the dual needs of those international student-athletes who aspire to develop themselves both in English language skills as well as athletic endeavors.

BGEE combines several strategies to guarantee the best possible academic/athletic experience for every student-athlete. We use all of the following in our program:

    • Experienced, credentialed ESL teachers, who have worked with middle/high school students extensively and understand the needs of our international learners.
    • An academic program designed by our learning director which devotes 3-4 hours daily to the development of key English language skills: Grammar, reading, writing, speaking, listening, test-taking, and – very importantly- confidence with the English language.
    • A schedule that allows for a rotation of academics and sports; some schools have students study four hours straight, but research has proven that students concentrate better and retain more from their studies when learning periods are broken up into smaller blocks.
    • Activities, in which the international student-athletes engage closely with their American friends, involving music, dance, movies, projects, field trips, and outdoor fun.
    • Our superior athletic program, which matches international and American athletes during both practice and games, allows for the development of close friendships, conversation, and learning – on the part of all of our student-athletes.

Student-athletes who attend BGEE benefit in so many ways. They interact with young people from all over the globe, they experience America first hand, build friendships, develop speaking and leadership skills, and – importantly – they have a tremendous amount of fun!

The goal of the BGEE is to support every young person to be his or her best. Each international student is evaluated and placed in the appropriate English learning group – neither too easy nor too difficult – so as to create the optimum learning experience. AT BGEE, student-athletes make incredible progress in a short time, as they develop English skills, meet new friends and enjoy playing sports.

We appreciate your interest in the BGEE program, and look forward to speaking with you soon. Enroll your child today for the best facilities, the best program, the best people and the best location of any English learning/athletic program in the world!

Dates and Rates

Dates of the BGEE program:

  • Opening day: Sunday, July 3rd, 2016
  • Closing Day: Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Rates for the program:

The tuition for the full BGEE program is $6,888. Our tuition is FULLY inclusive: this one-time payment includes, room, dining, all athletics, ESL learning program, all activities, trips to major theme parks, linens, laundry, and BGEE spirit pack (shirts, bag, water bottle, and personal action photo).

The only costs not included in tuition are optional:

Spending money for souvenirs and lunch at parks, purchases at the BGSC store, and transportation to/from the airport for arriving and departing athletes.