Academic Tutoring

BGSC offers summer tutoring in three critical areas of academic development: Math, Reading Comprehension and English as a Second Language (ESL).  Our classes are taught by experienced tutors and certified teachers, all of whom are dedicated to the academic success of the student. We offer both 60 and 90 minute options, either of which fits perfectly into our daily schedule. Following academic time, athletes smoothly transition back into sports activity.

Math tutors will work with students with multiple needs, ranging from simple and complex computation, pre-algebra concepts, Algebra 1, and geometry.

Reading tutors focus on issues relating to word comprehension, decoding, content understanding, and vocabulary development.

Our ESL tutors work with non-native English learners to develop their skills in four areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Tutors utilize a variety of methods to enhance the English immersion experience already being experienced by the athletes at BGSC.

The BGSC summer tutoring program utilizes the latest tutoring methods to keep students engaged and interested throughout each session. Our goals include the development of strong study habits and academic confidence, a significant increase in content understanding and academic skills, and the avoidance of summer intellectual decline.

Academic tutoring is not included in tuition and is available as an optional add-on.